About Synergy Markets

Forex Trading

Forex trading shouldn’t be taken lightly: this exciting, fast-paced world goes hand-in-hand with high stakes and high volatility.

With the experience, know-how and sheer dedication of the Synergy Markets management team on your side, you can focus completely on your trades – knowing that we’re working tirelessly to give you unbeatable pricing and execution in a highly secure environment.

What Drives Us

From our years in the financial markets, we know exactly what tools smart traders need to be successful in Forex.

We provide transparent, secure and technologically advanced access to the world’s most exciting markets – because our mission is to enable all our clients to become highly profitable traders.

Welcome to Synergy Markets. At Synergy, we have always strived to be open, honest and transparent with our clients, so I’m delighted that this website allows us to develop this principle and share information with our existing clients and the wider market. The activities of firms like Synergy touch many people, and it’s only right that traders have the opportunity to understand our intentions, plans and results.

Some might be surprised that we have chosen to release such comprehensive information to the world at large, but the simple truth is we have nothing to hide. Businesses such as ours should not be clouded in secrecy, but explained. I truly believe that Synergy is one of the only Straight Through Processing brokers in Australia, if not the only – regardless of the impressive claims and marketing machismo of others.

It’s this quality approach to our business which has made Synergy the broker of choice for the professional trader and semi-institutional flow. You won’t see Synergy’s name blazed across the internet with cheap advertising looking to take advantage of the next foolhardy wannabe.

We are regulated by one of the strongest and most reputable authorities in the world – but that alone shouldn’t lure you into a false sense of security. Australia has, even very recently, seen foreign exchange houses go down, and the operators behind them run away with your money.

When you choose a broker, do your research – and never be afraid to speak with the key people. If the boss won’t talk to you, don’t use that broker. At Synergy, the directors of the business work within the business, and are always available for you to communicate with. I’m proud of Synergy and our staff; most importantly, I’m proud of our position of integrity in the market.

Synergy is not only an execution service provider, but a holistic financial services company. We have recently relaunched the Synergy Markets brand and over our long history, our social purpose and commitment has remained the same, to create connections and opportunities that matter to everyone.

I wish you happy and prosperous trading. My staff and I are here to help you every step of the way.

Christian Dove
Chief Executive Officer