Forex Swap Rates

So what are Forex Swap Rates and how are they calculated?

As a Forex trader, it is important to understand what a Forex swap rate is. To keep things simple, the Forex swap rate is the rollover rates you pay or earn to hold your FX positions overnight.

When you trade Forex currency pairs, you are buying one currency and selling the other. When you are long the EURUSD, you are buying the Euro and selling the US dollar.

If you hold the position overnight, you incur an FX swap or swap charges.

We need to consider the current interest rates of both countries you are buying or selling.

You can get a rough idea if it would be a debit or credit by knowing the interest paid on the currency sold and received on the currency bought.

How does Synergy calculate the swap charges?

Synergy works with a number of financial institutions, which run their swap calculations daily. These are based on risk-management analysis and current market conditions of the global markets.

It is important to note that each currency pair has its own swap charges based on the exchange rates and interest rate differential of the two countries.

What you need to know about swap rates

How to find the Forex swap rate on the currency pairs you are trading

You can easily access the swap rates for all the Forex markets you are trading.

For the latest Swap rates, please download the Synergy FX MT4 Trading Platform and follow the instructions below:

The best way to start trading is to open a demo account or a live trading account. You can then access the rates for each currency pair.

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