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Discover How You Can View, Follow, Copy and Auto Trade with Our Social Trading Platform

You are no doubt aware of the fact that there are many highly successful traders around the world. But what you may not realise is through the right social trading platform, you can not only access these traders but you can follow their exact trades.

The Synergy Social Trader is a social trading platform and online copy trading environment where you can watch, follow and copy successful trading strategies of others within the trading community, in real-time.

Social trading is one of the most popular forms of trading, attracting traders at all levels. From beginner traders to experienced traders, social trading platforms now provide a positive and collaborative environment you can be a part of today.

The Synergy FX Social Trader is an excellent copy trading tool and online social trading environment where you can follow and auto trade successful trading strategies of others within the trading community, in real time.

Key Social Trading Auto Trade Features

Start Social Trading today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account

Introducing the Synergy FX Social Trading Platform – Synergy Social Trader

Synergy FX are delighted to offer you the latest cutting edge social trading platform providing you instant access to the global markets in an environment where you can watch, copy and auto trade other traders' positions.

The Synergy Social Trader is easy to use, and many tell us how intuitive it is to navigate. The vibrant community of social traders brings networking to trading like never before.


“It is FAST, SIMPLE and EASY to use and is the perfect place for you to access the forex markets in a secure, safe, regulated and supportive environment.”

FIND TOP TRADERS – Mirror their trades

Once you’ve found a trader to copy, simply click on “Copy” to start automatically copying their positions.

You will be asked to specify the percentage of your funds you want to allocate for copying. The amounts for the copied trades will be calculated accordingly.

Let’s run through the key benefits of social trading in 2018

Social Trading is the latest innovation in not just the world of Forex trading but in the financial markets in general. Combining elements of social media and online trading, this new development brings cutting-edge technology together with access to the strategies of the most experienced and successful traders.

Earn while you learn:   Social Trading allows novice traders the opportunity to develop their skills whilst potentially making money. Signing up with Synergy Social Trader also provides access to our fully comprehensive education portal. You can learn to trade from by following other forex and CFD traders and by viewing the helpful videos in our education portal.

Enhanced and hyper-focused learning:  Learn from experienced traders with a track record.  Monitor the results of their strategies and use their success to fine tune your own trading approach.

Collaboration: Discuss market events and their impacts upon the market. Exchange ideas, ask for advice and follow the discussion of other traders.

Help Improve Your Risk Management Skills: Having the ability to monitor both successful and unsuccessful strategies can be extremely useful when attempting to improve your risk and money management.  Put this knowledge to use when developing your own strategies to minimise the risk on your portfolio.

Remove Personal Bias: Watching and monitoring other traders enables you to broaden your thinking on your approach to different assets and thus removing any personal bias you may be holding.  Trading in conjunction with others can be a way of keeping your emotions in check before reaching for the panic button.  The wisdom of a crowd tends to be more accurate than any one individual.

Diversify Your Investments: Every single trader you have access to has a unique trading strategy. Many will trade a diverse basket of currency pairs. By copying their trades, you can create your own well diversified portfolio of uncorrelated trading strategies.

Test Before Implementation: Before going live with a newly formed strategy, or if you're still deciding the approach of another trader, you can always run it first within our demo environment.

Social Proof: Nothing quite instils trust in a newly adopted product or tool than seeing the results of like-minded people.  Synergy Social Trader is the perfect environment to develop your confidence in your trading ability whilst connecting with both experienced and novice traders.

How does Social Trading Work?

Synergy FX’s social trading system is aligned with our MT4 trading platform and trades are automatically synced to ensure no delay in execution. As a leading Australian Forex broker, we execute all our trades via ECN or straight through processing.

The Social Trading platform includes advanced indicators, live analysis, chart data, market news and much more.

The social trading stream contains the last 100 live trades placed by other traders as well as pending orders and updates placed by other members of the social trading network.

You can access your social trading platform via desktop, iPhone or Android

Also, you can access your online account wherever you are in the world – no software download required. It works well on all mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to trade on the go.

How to get started with the Synergy Social Trader

Open a Live or Demo MT4 trading account to create your MT4 forex demo trading account instantly. You'll get immediate access to our Synergy Social Trader as well as unrestricted entry to our Education Portal.

Start Social Trading today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account