Trade the EURUSD on Our Lowest Spreads

To trade EURUSD means you are trading one of the most actively traded and highly liquid currency pairs among professionals, institutional and retail traders globally.

This is understandable as both the Euro and the US dollar represent the top two major currencies in the world. Most of the financial – either trading or investment – transactions across the globe would involve either the US dollar or the Euro.

Trading volume in the EURUSD pair is highest during the European and North American sessions when the global forex market is at its busiest.

Important Contract Specifications for the EURUSD

Contract size:
0.01 contract. This means you can trade as little as one micro lot or 1/100th of the 100,000 EURUSD contract.
Margin required: 0.5%. Therefore, to hold $100,000 worth of EURUSD CFDs you would need $500 in margin.
Comm.: There are no commissions on the Euro Dollar CFD.
Spreads: Floating. This means the spread will be low during active market hours and higher during market hours.
Smallest contract size: 1/10th of a contract. You can trade as little as 1/10th of the 100,000 EURUSD contract.
Price per point: $US10. For every full contract you have, each full point movement will be $US10. A mini contract is $US1 and a micro contract is $US0.10.
Available on social trading: Yes
Liquidity: We source our liquidity for the Euro dollar via a number of global liquidity providers.

Why trade the EURUSD CFD?

There are a number of benefits of trading the Euro Dollar CFD with Synergy FX. These include:

Trading hours for the EURUSD CFD

Sessions Quotes Trade
Monday 00:00-24:00 00:03-23:59
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Thursday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Friday 00:00-23:57 00:01-23:57

Start trading EURUSD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.

Why Synergy FX ?


Start trading EURUSD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.