Trade the NZDUSD on Our Lowest Spreads

Trading the NZDUSD currency pair means you are trading the 10th most traded currency in the world – the New Zealand Dollar, also known as the ‘Kiwi’ in forex markets.

The NZ dollar belongs to what is called commodity bloc currencies – which include the Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD) and the New Zealand dollar (NZD). Due to their strong correlation with specific commodities, these currencies may see a high level of volatility when those commodities fluctuate.

In the case of the Kiwi dollar, supply and demand for milk and dairy products can have a direct impact on its price movement. The Global Daily Trade (GDT) Price Index is the most watched Index among NZ dollar traders and participants in the dairy auction.

Professional traders and major financial institutions trade the Kiwi for their hedging, risk management and liquidity purposes. Retail forex traders are also active participants in the NZDUSD trade due to the popularity of the Kiwi among traders worldwide.

Trading the NZDUSD pair on the MT4 platform is one of the best ways to participate in this actively traded currency.

Important Contract Specifications for the NZDUSD

Contract size:
0.01 contract. This means you can trade as little as one micro lot or 1/100th of the 100,000 NZDUSD contract.
Margin required: 0.5%. Therefore, to hold $100,000 worth of NZDUSD CFDs you would need $500 in margin.
Comm.: There are no commissions on the NZDUSD CFD.
Spreads: Floating. This means the spread will be low during active market hours and higher during market hours.
Smallest contract size: 1/100th of a contract. You can trade as little as 1/100th of the 100,000 NZDUSD contract.
Price per point: $US10. For every full contract you have, each full point movement will be $US10. A mini contract is $US1 and a micro contract is $US0.10.
Available on social trading: Yes
Liquidity: We source our liquidity for the NZDUSD via a number of global liquidity providers.

Why trade the NZDUSD CFD?

There are a number of benefits of trading the NZDUSD CFD with Synergy FX. These include:

Trading hours for the NZDUSD CFD

Sessions Quotes Trade
Monday 00:00-24:00 00:03-23:59
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Thursday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Friday 00:00-23:57 00:01-23:57

Trade the NZDUSD CFD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.

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Trade the NZDUSD CFD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.