MAM / PAMM accounts

Use Our MAM / PAMM Forex Account to Manage Multiple Accounts

Managing multiple trading accounts can be a challenge and that is where a PAMM Forex account helps to make your life easier. Whether you’re a successful forex trader trading different accounts or if you’re a money manager growing an investment portfolio on behalf of your clients, you need a systematic and efficient strategy to succeed in different trading conditions.

Today, many forex brokers offer various account types that can help you make the transition from being a successful Forex trader to becoming a fund manager.

You can focus on being a fund manager

As a fund manager, you can make use of your forex trading skills to manage investors’ funds and be remunerated for this service. For many professional and successful forex traders, being a fund manager – using MAM / PAMM Forex Accounts – also means another income stream that can boost their forex trading.

However, being a forex fund manager or money manager comes with additional responsibilities compared to just trading your own forex account. This is because as a forex fund manager you could be trading multiple accounts for different investors.

If you don’t have a systematic way of tracking allocations, monitoring trades – position sizes, entry and exit points – or an automated process of tracking activities on each individual account, managing multiple trading accounts could be overwhelming.

But if you use MAM / PAMM MT4 account, managing multiple trading accounts makes your life so much easier.

So what are MAM / PAMM Forex accounts?

As the terms suggest, these accounts are used when you are managing multiple trading accounts. Multi Account Manager (MAM) and Profit Allocation Money Management (PAMM) are specifically tailored accounts for money managers and professional traders who manage multiple accounts.

The MAM/PAMM software runs on the MT4 trading platform and allows you the convenience and ease of managing several accounts using a master account.

Let’s look at the basics and how a MAM/PAMM Account works

If you’re a multi-account manager or trader trading several accounts, you can open a MAM or PAMM Forex account using the MT4 trading platform. You will have a master account that will manage the automatic allocation of funds for each trade in the various individual accounts.

Different funding methods using MAM or PAMM

You can easily and efficiently distribute funds to different trades depending on your clients’ investment goals. Having access to different funding methods is one of the big benefits of using MAM/PAMM Accounts.

Automatic built-in reporting

Also, by using the Synergy Markets MAM/PAMM FX account, you can efficiently manage and track the activities in each individual account using the reporting and tracking capabilities of the software.

No more headaches in tallying or collating numerous trading activities at the end of each month. The MAM/PAMM software has built-in reporting features you can implement in real-time. Taking a snapshot of the status of the different accounts under your management has never been easier.

Aside from its automation capabilities, MAM/PAMM accounts allow you to service more traders, clients or create more accounts. Your efficiency will allow you to generate more clients funds too. Every client will be treated like a premium client.

And as a money manager or trader who needs to be on top of market events, you can also use all the other features of the MT4 trading platform including Expert Advisors (EAs), market news, Charting packages, trading instruments views, forex signals and forex economic calendar.

As a forex PAMM Manager using the MAM/PAMM software means you can focus on trading the markets and implementing your trading strategies. It also means you have more time to do your market analysis while the money management software does the automatic fund allocation and other necessary adjustments to the multiple forex trading accounts.

Who benefits most from using MAM /PAMM?

If you’re a money manager trading for other people, MAM /PAMM can be the most efficient way to manage those accounts. If you’re a professional and active Foreign Exchange trader trading different accounts, you can also benefit from using MAM / PAMM.

MAM/PAMM Accounts also deliver benefits to individual traders who may not have the time to trade the forex market on a consistent basis.

The fact is, while many people dream of becoming that successful forex trader, not everyone has the time to develop and hone their forex trading skills. Not everyone has the time and inclination to start from a demo account to becoming a full-time professional forex trader.

Access market expertise of MAM/PAMM Managers

By using the expertise of traders and professional money managers who are constantly monitoring and trading the markets, individual traders and investors can take advantage of those expertise.

Bear in mind that professional trades and fund managers have all the trader tools at their disposal including MAM/PAMM software. And their biggest advantage is they have the market expertise and skills in trading different instruments including Forex, Commodities, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies.

In some instances, MAM/PAMM Accounts can also generate efficiencies and access to a much larger pool of funds which may not be available to individual forex traders. This is due to the nature of MAM/PAMM accounts that pool funds from different traders and investors.

MAM/PAMM Trading Account Features

If you are a successful forex trader who wants to make the shift to becoming a forex fund manager to manage multiple accounts, you may want to consider these MAM and PAMM features and capabilities that can help you become a successful forex PAMM Manager.

Using the Synergy Markets MAM/PAMM Accounts means all trade processing and execution is centralised and server-based, which allows the fastest and most reliable integration. Thousands of accounts can be traded with one click and virtually no delay in allocations.