To withdraw funds from your Synergy FX account, all you need to do is to logon your Client Portal and submit a withdrawal request.


If we receive your request ticket before 17:00 AEST, we’ll process it on the same day.

Request received after 17:00 AEST might not be processed until the next business day.


Some methods may incur additional fees from your financial institution, so always check with them before making your first withdrawal.



We can make payments to bank accounts held in the same name as your Synergy FX account, or an account held in joint names where one of the account holders is the same as your Synergy FX account.

If your bank is not based in Australia, it might charge you a receiving fee. Check with your bank to find out if there is a charge, and how much it will be.


Account deposits made via credit card or debit card will require a colour copy of the front and back of the card to confirm ownership. The cardholder’s first and last name, as well as the first six and last four digits of the card, must be legible in order for the card to be acceptable.

Withdrawal requests on accounts funded via credit card will be processed as refunds back to the same card which has been used for funding. Withdrawal requests in excess of initial funding will only be processed to a bank account held in the same name as the account held with Synergy. A bank statement will be required as a proof of ownership. All withdrawals on accounts funded via credit card will be restricted for a period of time (minimum 60 days) so that the validity of the credit card can be established.

Please be aware of the fees on any bank or credit card withdrawal.

Questions about withdrawals? Just contact us at any time.